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    Hurray, we did it again!

    Even though our pilot Rolf Schoch was driving the robotic wheelchair for the first time in a competitive setting, he managed to speed away, master the challenge and defend the title in the first Cybathlon Challenge. Congrats Rolf, you rock!

    Rewatch the full competition here:


    Thank you Cybathlon for the amazing event and scewo for the tough competition. We are looking forward to the next challenges and are thrilled to see which everyday obstacles our wheelchair must master next.


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    CYBATHLON Challenge May 2022

    Now it's official: we will be part of the first CYBATHLON Challenge!

    This time we will start with Rolf as race pilot.

    Eager to see how we perform on the new stairs obstacle? Tune into the broadcast on May 20th, 12pm (CET).

    The modified obstacle: Stairs

    Rolf has to ascend and descend a straight staircase twice. The stairs now have different slopes.


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    Some things never change - and others change for the better

    According to this motto we finally decided to rename our team while keeping the same look. We hereby proudly present:
    Robility enhanced – enhanced robotic mobility for tomorrow’s wheelchair users.

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    New collaboration with VariLeg enhanced

    We are excited to announce an even closer collaboration of VariLeg enhanced and HSR enhanced. We started the project "enhanced Hybrid" together to combine the advantages of wheelchairs and exoskeletons. More information will follow soon!

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    First Place at the Cybathlon 2020

    We won the Cybathlon wheelchair race with a lead of almost 1 minute! It is incredible to win the second gold medal with the HSR enhanced team in the Cybathlon. Florian Hauser has the HSR enhanced wheelchair absolutely under control.

    • Waiting for saturday

    Cybathlon 2020 13.11.2020 - 14.11.2020

    We are excited for Saturday 14.11.2020. The discipline wheelchair will start at 13:00 on Cybathlon online. 


    Go Enhanced!!!