• A robotic system to remotely open the door

    Philipp Weber, student of Mechanical Engineering, is currently finalizing his Bachelor Thesis. He has evaluated and defined a robotic system to remotely open the door at the Ramp&Door obstacle. His concept is based on the commercially available Kinova Robotic Arm. Philipp has integrated it into the existing wheelchair, paying special attention to the safety of the pilot, who is commanding the robotic arm while sitting directly in its work envelope. Moreover, all the wheelchair’s existing functions, e.g. longitudinal seat adjustment, had to be maintained. Philipp’s solution is to use a commercially available collaborative robot by Kinova Robotics, integrate it into the race chair’s moveable seat and equip it with a customized passive end-effector, which allows to press door bell buttons and to open latched doors. The results have already been tested by our pilot Florian Hauser and will be shown to the public at CYBATHLON Experience in Nottwil on June 23rd, 2018 (Event link: https://goo.gl/oPbN6F).

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