• dife18

    #DIFE18 - Live Demo

    HSR Enhanced will be present with a live demo of our wheelchair ‘ZED Evolution’. Participants include Team SCEWO, Swiss politician Pascale Bruderer, Swisscom CEO Urs Schaeppi and many leaders from science, economy and society. WHEN? Sept. 13th 2018, 14:00-17:00 WHERE? Schiffbau Zurich.

    Quote from the organizer’s home page: ‘Session on Innovation for more self-determination and inclusion: How can we succeed in using technology for people who are physically or mentally impaired? How can digitization assist them to gain more autonomy in their daily lives? Is inclusion through technology a contradiction or a real chance? This session provides interesting insights into the obstacles handicapped people face in their everyday lives and shows how innovative and technological solutions can reduce the negative effect of these obstacles. In short presentations and impressive demos, you will learn more about the diverse possibilities to help achieve more autonomy and inclusion. Experts will discuss the economic and societal value of what can be done and use the opportunity to show potentials and areas of action.’ Read more about the program.

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