• WRS 127

    After Tokyo 2018 is before Kawasaki 2019

    Team HSR enhanced has participated in the CYBATHLON Experience at the World Robot Summit exhibition in Tokyo. Each day from 17-21 October 2018 we gave two live demos climbing the new six-step stairs and introduced our race wheelchair «ZED evolution» for CYBATHLON 2020.

    Checkout our most recent video recap here!

    A big thank you to our host crew at the Embassy of Switzerland in Japan  在日スイス大使館: you have made everything possible for us 24/7, and we cannot thank you enough! We would also like to give a special thanks to our sponsors who make all this possible with generous hardware and budget support! And last but not least thank you to the CYBATHLON organizers.

    Team HSR enhanced will be back soon for CYBATHLON Wheelchair Series Japan サイバスロンシリーズ日本​ 5-6 May 2019 in Kawasaki: follow us!

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