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    Mission Kawasaki begins!

    Team HSR enhanced is flying to Japan today. Our destination is the ultimate highlight of the powered wheelchair season 2019: CYBATHLON Wheelchair Series 2019 in Kawasaki!
    We are excited to be part of CYBATHLON in Japan because we love this competition!
    After our arrival on Wednesday and a day for acclimatization, setup of the team space and wheelchair delivery will be on Friday. MedCheck for our pilot Florian Hauser, TecCheck for our wheelchair ZED evolution, and a final training session are scheduled for Saturday. Sunday is race day with two qualifying heats and the A- and B-finals for the medals at CYBATHLON Wheelchair Series Japan!
    You can find the complete schedule here, and make sure you watch the exciting races on the CYBATHLON live stream!

    Stay tuned for updates and GO ENHANCED!!

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