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    What a spectacular CYBATHLON race day on 27 August in the great hall of Zürich Main Station. Pilot Florian Hauser took it all in the Powered Wheelchair Race and won both heats at Weltklasse Zürich!

    Race recap
    Heat 1: everything goes perfectly until the final obstacle Ramp&Door. A software glitch brings the robotic arm to a complete standstill when Florian wants to close the door behind him. Keeping it cool Apollo-13-style, Florian goes through all reboot procedures several times. Finally, he leaves the door open behind him, yet maneuvers his wheelchair ZED evolution across the finish line. CYBATHLON rules are clear: with the scores tied at 530 points, the faster time decides and Florian wins the first heat.

    Heat 2: with another flawless performance Florian cruises through the parcours, reaches the final obstacle, and this time everything goes as planned. Florian opens and closes the door with his robotic manipulator and scores the highest possible result of 660 points. Again, CYBATHLON rules are clear: score beats time. With the higher score, time becomes irrelevant and Florian takes home the second win of the day. See his perfect second heat on Youtube.

    Team HSR enhanced feels grateful for the opportunity to perform on the big stage in Zürich. We would like to say a big THANK YOU to you all, and especially to the organizers at Weltklasse and CYBATHLON, to all participating teams, to countless friends and supporters for your visits and cheers, and of course to all of our sponsors.

    We love this sport!

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