• concept decision

    Concept decision taken!

    ILT project engineers and our five students have challenged each other with their concepts for the race wheelchair. The students have suggested a very innovative, yet riskier concept that would guarantee an original wheel chair. On the other hand, the ILT concept takes a more conservative approach, resulting in a less innovative but more reliable concept. By use of a decision-matrix method, the concepts were compared. It was a very close call: after a long and enriching discussion, the whole group decided in favor of the more reliable ILT concept. Next step: develop the functional prototype until May!

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    New Sponsors for HSR Enhanced

    We are proud to announce that Padrutt PR teams up with HSR Enhanced as a Silver Sponsor and Specogna Bau as a Bronze Sponsor! Their support helps HSR Enhanced to build more presence in the public and to ensure the development of the race-chair. In order to succeed, HSR Enhanced relies both on material and financial sponsorship. We say thank you to all our sponsors!

    Are you interested in supporting HSR Enhanced? Further information on our sponsor offers here.

    Welcome, Raphael!

    We are happy to welcome Raphael Schröder to the HSR Enhanced team! Raphael will work for HSR Enhanced both as a project engineer and a Master’s student of Mechanical Engineering. His Master’s semester thesis will deal with the adaptive suspension of the race-wheel chair. We wish Raphael a good start and are looking forward to working with him!

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    Kick-off meeting with students

    Five students of mechanical engineering will take HSR Enhanced one step further and develop the functional prototype until May. In the kick-off meeting on Monday, February 22nd, we welcomed Christoph, Cyrill, Florian, Raphael and Sandro to the team. We updated them on our current status and introduced them to the their thesis assignments. Our common goal is integration week in May, when work packages from students and core team will come together in the functional prototype. The work until then will be in close collaboration with our Pilot Florian Hauser, who will challenge us with his feedbacks. As our training course was delivered recently, the students also got to see the original obstacles of the powered wheel-chair race and got some hands-on experience. Way to go guys, we’re happy to have you with us!

    Meeting with pilot Flo

    In the meeting on Friday February 5th, the engineering team presented several chassis and seat concepts to our pilot Florian. Based on his needs and habits, the concepts were discussed and questions answered. His inputs will not only contribute to the concepts, but also establish the criteria based on which we will decide on a concept. Next, students will enrich our ideas with their chassis concepts. The decision on a concept will be taken in a few weeks.

    • brainstorming session
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    Brainstorming Session

    In an inspiring meeting, the project team initiated the development of the electrically powered race chair. For each of the five basic functions of the wheel chair, possible approaches were discussed and evaluated.