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    We are proud to present Aurora Swiss Aerospace as a Gold Sponsor 2019 of HSR enhanced!

    Aurora Swiss Aerospace GmbH is a Luzern-based research and prototype engineering company, specializing in Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS).  Over 60 employees work in the areas of lightweight structures and autonomous systems. Aurora Swiss Aerospace can draw on the nearly 30 years of experience that U.S. parent company Aurora Flight Sciences has in the development, design, manufacturing, operations, and support of advanced UAS systems.  In addition to their generous financial support as a Gold Sponsor 2019, Aurora Swiss Aerospace also provides invaluable help in the design and simulation of lightweight structural parts for the race wheelchair ZED evolution. HSR enhanced says thank you very much to Aurora Swiss Aerospace!

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    We are proud to present K/F Handicap Fashion as a Gold Sponsor of HSR enhanced.

    It all starts with underpants! Design, wearing comfort and functionality stand side by side.

    A new clothing label is the result of the need to develop clothes that enable highly paralyzed people to catheterize. Florian Hauser, managing director of K/F Handicap Fashion, was faced with the decision after his traffic accident either to get a permanent catheter or to make clothes that allow him to empty his bladder on his own.

    On 21 June 2014, his life changes abruptly. Although he is still working as a construction foreman, in his new life as a tetraplegic he is above all interested in achieving as much independence as possible. He wants to share this possibility with other people. In order to develop and produce missing aids, Florian Hauser founded K/F Handicap Fashion.

    CYBATHLON Team HSR enhanced is eternally grateful to its pilot Florian Hauser for his unrestrained will, the countless productive and beautiful hours, his precise feedback and the unforgettable moments of success we have already experienced together. We are looking forward to the future with K/F Handicap Fashion as Gold Sponsor, and we are still hungry for success! Thank you very much!

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    Cognizant - leading in digital

    We are proud to present Cognizant as a Gold Sponsor 2019 of HSR enhanced. Since 2003, Cognizant successfully supports companies in making their business processes more productive and efficient. Therefore Cognizant relies on the experience of local and international markets and counts some of Switzerland’s best established global players from sectors like financial services, insurance, life sciences and pharmaceutical, manufacturing and retail & consumer goods among their client base. Moreover they have strong working relationships with federal and cantonal authorities as well as productive partnerships with leading universities. For the productive partnership with HSR enhanced and for the generous financial support as a Gold Sponsor 2019 we say thank you very much to Cognizant!

    • HSR Enhanced WinnersKawasaki19

    Winners at CYBATHLON Wheelchair Series 2019 in Japan!

    Pilot Florian Hauser has won the CYBATHLON Wheelchair Series 2019 Japan with his team HSR enhanced!

    After two careful qualifying heats securing the final, Florian went full speed, full risk to win the title with a perfect point score: he won the race against our Russian competitors and friends 'Team Caterwil' with 660 to 559 points, making the time category irrelevant.

    Unbelievably happy, Team HSR enhanced salutes you from Japan and says 'Thank you!' for all the cheers, support and happy wishes!
    Special thanks go to all of our sponsors and patrons, who made Mission Kawasaki possible with their generous financial support.

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    Mission Kawasaki begins!

    Team HSR enhanced is flying to Japan today. Our destination is the ultimate highlight of the powered wheelchair season 2019: CYBATHLON Wheelchair Series 2019 in Kawasaki!
    We are excited to be part of CYBATHLON in Japan because we love this competition!
    After our arrival on Wednesday and a day for acclimatization, setup of the team space and wheelchair delivery will be on Friday. MedCheck for our pilot Florian Hauser, TecCheck for our wheelchair ZED evolution, and a final training session are scheduled for Saturday. Sunday is race day with two qualifying heats and the A- and B-finals for the medals at CYBATHLON Wheelchair Series Japan!
    You can find the complete schedule here, and make sure you watch the exciting races on the CYBATHLON live stream!

    Stay tuned for updates and GO ENHANCED!!

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    Climbing Stairs with Antrimon

    We are proud to present ANTRIMON Group AG as a Silver Sponsor 2019 of HSR enhanced. Thank you very much for your contribution to our project!