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    Successful Cybathlon Experience 2018 in Tokyo

    Team HSR Enhanced has participated in the CYBATHLON Experience at the World Robot Summit exhibition in Tokyo. Each day from 17-21 Oct 2018 we gave two live demos climbing the new six-step stairs, and one technical introduction into the functions of our race wheelchair ‘ZED Evolution’ in development for CYBATHLON 2020. Present on site were pilot Florian Hauser, engineers Raphael Schröder and Sergio Miracco, and team leader Prof. Dr. Christian Bermes. The crew was completed by Claudia Troger from HSR communications. Read more..

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    HSR Enhanced at World Robot Summit 2018 in Tokyo

    From 17th-21st October 2018, during CYBATHLON Experience at the World Robot Summit, HSR Enhanced will roll out the new stair climbing module for CYBATHLON 2020. It has been developed in a recent thesis work by our B.Sc. student Kevin Bürgi, and refined by the team’s engineers from ILT. At WRS, we will be part of the CYBATHLON exhibition booth and perform two live demos per day climbing the six steps of the CYBATHLON 2020 obstacle ‘Stairs’ up and down. We are seizing this opportunity to be present at a leading robotics trade fair in Japan, and to participate in two workshops on inclusion and assistance technology. 

    Moreover, this is a great opportunity to present our sponsors on an international stage in Japan, the homeland of robotics. Hence, I am actively asking for your involvement to make this initially unbudgeted mission of HSR Enhanced happen! FAULHABER has already upgraded to GOLD Sponsoring, and ANTRIMON Group has upgraded to SILVER Sponsoring.

    Will you also come with us? Please contact me directly: cbermes@hsr.ch | 055 222 4712

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    #DIFE18 - Live Demo

    HSR Enhanced will be present with a live demo of our wheelchair ‘ZED Evolution’. Participants include Team SCEWO, Swiss politician Pascale Bruderer, Swisscom CEO Urs Schaeppi and many leaders from science, economy and society. WHEN? Sept. 13th 2018, 14:00-17:00 WHERE? Schiffbau Zurich.

    Quote from the organizer’s home page: ‘Session on Innovation for more self-determination and inclusion: How can we succeed in using technology for people who are physically or mentally impaired? How can digitization assist them to gain more autonomy in their daily lives? Is inclusion through technology a contradiction or a real chance? This session provides interesting insights into the obstacles handicapped people face in their everyday lives and shows how innovative and technological solutions can reduce the negative effect of these obstacles. In short presentations and impressive demos, you will learn more about the diverse possibilities to help achieve more autonomy and inclusion. Experts will discuss the economic and societal value of what can be done and use the opportunity to show potentials and areas of action.’ Read more about the program.

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    Successful Cybathlon Experience 2018

    On  June 23rd, HSR Enhanced participated in the CYBATHLON Experience 2018 as part of the Rollivision fair at Swiss Paraplegic Centre Nottwil. In four demo runs, our pilot Florian Hauser had the chance to test two brand new obstacles from the CYBATHLON 2020 race rules: ‘Cobblestones’ and ‘Ramp&Door’. For Florian, it was only his second training with his new race wheelchair “ZED Evolution”. We are very proud that he solved all the obstacles presented to him flawlessly, and that he continuously improved the performance in every single run! Read more...

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    • Stairclimbingmodule Kevin

    New stairclimbing module

    Kevin Bürgi, student of Mechanical Engineering,has developed a new stairclimbing module for the race chair in his Bachelor Thesis. It enables our pilot to overcome stairs with more than three steps up and down. This has become necessary due to the new CYBATHLON race rules, which require the pilots to climb up and down stairs with six steps. Kevin decided not to improve the former module, but to develop a completely new one. He suggests a crawler system, which is more suitable for stairs with arbitrary number of steps, and it is more comfortable for the pilot. As soon as Kevin has received all the parts for his new module, he will finish the assembly and complete his thesis. The final implementation of the crawler system will follow in the next weeks and will see rigid testing and improvements by feedbacks from our pilot Florian Hauser.

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    A robotic system to remotely open the door

    Philipp Weber, student of Mechanical Engineering, is currently finalizing his Bachelor Thesis. He has evaluated and defined a robotic system to remotely open the door at the Ramp&Door obstacle. His concept is based on the commercially available Kinova Robotic Arm. Philipp has integrated it into the existing wheelchair, paying special attention to the safety of the pilot, who is commanding the robotic arm while sitting directly in its work envelope. Moreover, all the wheelchair’s existing functions, e.g. longitudinal seat adjustment, had to be maintained. Philipp’s solution is to use a commercially available collaborative robot by Kinova Robotics, integrate it into the race chair’s moveable seat and equip it with a customized passive end-effector, which allows to press door bell buttons and to open latched doors. The results have already been tested by our pilot Florian Hauser and will be shown to the public at CYBATHLON Experience in Nottwil on June 23rd, 2018 (Event link: https://goo.gl/oPbN6F).