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    Crowdfunding campaign!

    Support HSR ENHANCED on our crowdfunding page! You can donate starting from 1 CHF. Great rewards are waiting for you: A test-ride in our wheelchair, an entry ticket for the Cybathlon or even a personal meeting with our pilot Florian!

    Find more information here!

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    We are able to keep up with our competitors!

    This is the conclusion from the test run-through in Zurich where we tested our wheelchair in another surrounding and in the presence of other teams. “We are able to handle unexpected difficulties and find adequate solutions” says Florian, pilot of HSR Enhanced. “And I like the speed control mechanism of our wheelchair”. Thanks to the solid technique of our wheelchair and to Florian’s enthusiasm, we overcame most obstacles successfully and quite fast. We didn’t try the stairs as the module is not ready yet. And room for improvement was identified: The steering and door closing mechanism need to be fine-tuned.

    Successful Test Run-Through

    On Friday July 8th, HSR Enhanced had the chance for a run-through on the ETH obstacles. It was a great opportunity to test our wheelchair in another surrounding and in the presence of other teams, for example Scewo from ETH Zurich. Thanks to the enthusiasm and courage of our pilot Florian and the solid technique of the functional model, we could overcome almost all obstacles. Florian managed to overcome the tilted path, the ramp and door, the slalom and the cobblestones. We didn't try the stairs as the module is not ready yet. In this external testing, we also identified room for improvement: The steering mechanism and the door closing module need a fine-tuning.

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    Maiden Ride HSR Enhanced Wheelchair!

    Very successful maiden ride for our functional sample: It overcame both the tilted path and the ramp!


    Watch the videos of our maiden ride here!

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    First tests very successful

    Our first tests of the functional sample have been very successful! The wheelchair managed to overcome two of the championship obstacles.

    One of the next important steps will be the assembly of the stair-climbing units.


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    Functional sample assembly!

    The components for the functional sample have finally been delivered! Our project engineers and students are currently assembling the functional sample. It will be ready for first testing in June 2016.