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HSR enhanced is the official CYBATHLON team of the OST – Ostschweizer Fachhochschule, Campus Rapperswil. The project is initiated by the Institute for Lab Automation and Mechatronics (ILT). It aims at providing maximal agility and fun to our pilot Florian at the day of the race by means of an enhanced race chair. The technical team consists of project engineers of the ILT, as well as numerous Bachelor’s and Master’s students in mechanical engineering.

bP1040566bk FlorianHauser web2

Florian Hauser

silvia rohner

Silvia Rohner
Project Manager

Benjamin Eggimann Q

Benjamin Eggimann
Lead Engineer

Jan Schmid square

Jan Schmid
Project Engineer

raphael schroeder

Raphael Schröder
Project Engineer

Annina quadrat2

Annina Brunner


florian braun

Florian Braun
Project Engineer

christian bermes2

Prof. Dr. Christian Bermes
Project Lead

damian schori

Damian Schori
Project Engineer

Lukas Mueller

Lukas Müller
Project Engineer

Andreas Zolliker2

Andreas Zolliker
Project Engineer

sergio miracco

Sergio Miracco
Project Engineer

sandro manser

Sandro Manser
B.Sc. Student

christoph thalmann

Christoph Thalmann
B.Sc. Student

cyrill aschmann

Cyrill Aschmann
B.Sc. Student


Aleksander Tosic
B.Sc. Student

Louis Q

Louis Sonder
B.Sc. Student


Marcel Welter
B.Sc. Student

Franziska Q

Franziska Bürgler
B.Sc. Student


Sebastian Senti
B.Sc. Student


Ivo Zeller
B.Sc. Student

avatar dummy

Luciano Bettinaglio
B.Sc. Student

matthias kuehne bsc

Matthias Kühni
B.Sc. Student

Bharath Arun c

Bharath Arun
B.Sc. Student

Christoph Sulzbacher c

Christoph Sulzbacher
B.Sc. Student

Lukas Grab c

Lukas Grab
M.Sc. Student

Samuel Staehli c

Samuel Stähli
B.Sc. Student

Thierry Zimmermann c

Thierry Zimmermann
B.Sc. Student

Philipp Weber q

Philipp Weber
B.Sc. Student

Kevin Buergi quadratisch

Kevin Bürgi
B.Sc. Student

doris waldburger

Doris Waldburger
Communication & Sponsoring

Simon Goeldi

Simon Göldi
Project Engineer & M.Sc. Student